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Pamio Law Firm has engaged in a solid collaboration with other national and international Law Firms, the lawyers' skills and experiences allow to provide higher levels of legal advice and assistance with services tailored to the specific requirements or needs.

From this professional network emerge ideas that represent the various experiences, cultures and backgrounds around the globe, which allow to approach the legal issues from a variety of different angles and adopt a fresh perspective when confronting each case, ensuring a legal protection that contributes to the creation of an added value to our clients.

Our lawyers strive to achieve consistent results to satisfacty the client with a highly qualified service and low fees, thanks to the work done together.

The Firm can also provide counsel and assistance in connection with the acquisition, sale, lease of residential housing and commercial buildings in the USA, especially in New York, in colloboration with the prestigious Mercader & Brown PLLC.

Having the expert and the resources to fully support every need, the target set by our clients is guaranteed.

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    100 Church Street, Suite 873
    New York, New York 10007
    Tel (212) 226-0350
    Fax (212) 226-0391

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